Q. Would “Hulk Hogan Cheeseburgers” be an acceptable name?
A. No, it must be a pun on the wrestlers’ name. The Hulk Hoagie is an acceptable name.

Q. I see you can vote. If my submission gets the highest amount of votes what do I get?
A. Bragging rights.

Q. How long before I see my submission on the site?
A. Most likely within 2-3  days.

Q. Who is behind this?
A. Randy Nacho Man Sausage.

Q. Is this a real restaurant?

A. No. But it is a real Wrestlaurant.

Q. Is there a such thing as too many photoshop filters?

A. Nope.

Q: Will visiting the Wrestlaurant improve my wrestling skills?
A:  In most cases, yes.

Q: What’s needed for a successful submission?
A: Recommended ingredients include: Photoshop, your brain, food pics, spandex, body oil, steroids, tanning bed.

Q: What is “wrestling”?
A: Click here to exit Wrestlaurant.

Q. I can’t think of any wrestlers, can you help?
A. Yes, scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

Q. Where do I find good photos of food?
A. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

Q. Do you fear retribution from the wrestlers?
A. Most wrestlers die early in life under tragic, depressing, scandal-filled circumstances. So, no.