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6 Responses to “Hasche Browns”

  1. luther says:

    Ape, who is this wrestler? I don’t get the pun!

  2. ape says:

    he’s an independent wrestler who used to be called ‘the skullkrusher’….he actually had a developmental deal with the then-wwf under that ring name. in recent years, he’s wrestling under his real name, rasche brown, and is currently one half of the nwa world tag team champions in a tag team ironically known as the skullkrushers.

  3. luther says:

    Aha. Thanks for the knowledge!

  4. ape says:

    not a problem. i’ll probably be doing more obscure folks down the road, so if you ever need info, let me know and i’ll ramble on about ’em. :)

  5. admin says:

    Ape and Luther, your submissions are fantastic keep them coming. I have added a field to the submission form that let’s you indicate the actual name of the Wrestler, it isn’t required but it will help those less informed with wrestlers understand the joke a little bit better.

    Thank you for choosing Wrestlaurant.
    – Management

  6. www says:

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