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Submitted by Scott M.



6 Responses to “Soup & Fries Jimmy Snuka”

  1. Scott M. says:

    Did I post this?

  2. s.wade says:

    scott… perhaps you did this after the trio of carlsbergs and the beermosa? that’s why you don’t remember?

    esteemed manager of the wrestlaurant. we need to go to twice a day with the new entries. my patience is non- existant.

  3. Luther says:

    I can confirm that Steve’s patience is non-existent, especially when food is involved!

  4. William R. says:


  5. Scott M. says:

    Steve: nah, this isn’t awesome enough to have followed that beautiful string of decadence. I did this a while ago, web-manager submitted it on my behalf.

  6. admin says:

    Your request has been taken under strong consideration by management. Thank you for choosing Wrestlaurant.

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