Before submitting, please read the following criteria if you want to your collage to be posted on the site.

• The image must contain at least 1 wrestler and at least 1 food item.

• It is encouraged that you put the name of the food item on the collage though it is not required (Terrible fonts and colors are also encouraged). Include the name in the email if you decide to leave it out.

• It would be nice to see a tag line but it isn’t necessary.

• It must be a real wrestler, not a photo of you or a friend dressed as a wrestler. It is, however, not limited to 80’s WWF wrestlers, they can be from any era or league.

• The categories are as follows: Beverage, Breakfast, Combo Meal (You can use existing submissions), Dessert, Dinner, Ingredient, Lunch, or Snack.

Try to keep the width to 500px or above

• Allowable file formats are jpg, gif, png, psd,  pict, or bmp.

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