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5 Responses to “The Bush Crackers”

  1. steven says:

    this one will definitely make into the book.

  2. lee says:

    Vegemite is from Australian not NZ. Do Americans understand NZ isnt in Australia?

  3. luther says:

    I understand that, but I did some research and found that Vegemite is popular in 2 countries: Aus and NZ. Would you prefer I had used a kiwi fruit? :)

  4. Kiwi Carl says:

    G’day Mates,
    We Kiwis do eat a lot of Vegemite! My mum used to put it on my breakfast bread every morning. Though I’ll kick the arse of anybody who says Marmite is better!

  5. lloyd says:

    I love this! But yes.. Marmite = New Zealand. Vegemite = Australia. Change that and it’s spot on.

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